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3. Keywords

By:        Mark Kleinschmidt
Date:    02/27/2011
Rev.:    02/27/2011
 Keywords are used for building various drop down lists within Queue Manager.  Some of these are used within the program, and should be changed only with the greatest of caution.  Others are for reference purposes and can be changed at will.
If we expand the Languages list with the View/Edit button, you will see a list of languages.  When we go to the Queue definition Basic Settings page and open the drop down box for Languages, you will see the same list.
In the first screen shot we are looking at the Keywords list.  In the second screen shot we are seeing the keywords in action on the Instant Queue Manager's Queue Definition pages.
This is an example of how the keywords are used. 
One important thing to remember: Some dropdown lists are informational, yet others are used to set parameters that are used by the system.  Informational keywords can be changed with little or no risk of changing the way Instant Queue Manager works.  Changing a parameter keyword list may have a serious impact on the way Queue Manager works.
There are no prequisites that are required prior to editing Keywords.
To work with Keywords, you need to enter Instant Queue Manager.  Click on the "ADMIN" tab in the main tab bar.  Click on the "Settings" Link just under the main tab bar.  Finally, click on the "Keywords" tab in the settings tab bar.
 Opening the Keywords page brings you to the keywords list.  This list is used for selecting keyword sets with which to work.
Add - The add button opens a new panel sequence to add a new row to the selected row.
View/Edit - The View/Edit button will open the row for edit.
Triangle Buttons - These buttons are used to expand the row to show the sub elements.
Collapse All/Expand All - These buttons do the same thing as the triangle buttons only they work on all the rows.
Next/Previous - When there are more rows than will fit on a single page, these buttons will navigate through the rows.
When you click the Add button, you are first brought to a form to get the catagory.
You will notice that the category is the unexpanded lines in the keywords list that displayed when you entered.   Once you have selected a Category, you will be brought to the next panel.
The Close button will close the panel.  The Save button will save the new values to the database.  You need to click on the Save button before clicking on the Close button.  Otherwise, your additions will be lost. 
When you use the Add feature, will be creating a new "line" in the keywords database.  The system will take all the values that you entered and add them to the previous values.
If you are simply looking to add a couple new values to a dropdown list, you may find it easier to edit an existing record and add the new values in the Value field.  Values in the value field that are on separate lines will also be on separate lines in the drop down box.