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Update Classes

By:        Vivel Garg
Date:    02/07/2011
Rev.:    02/07/2011 - Mark Kleinschmidt
1.       Stop Apache Tomcat Service from “Services” applet in control panel

a.       Take backup of existing ITFramework deployment, Copy the entire ITFramework folder to a backup directory


2.       Unzip the file containing the classes.  In this case it is named, “classes_7-feb-2011.zip”.
NOTE:  If you have done your back up in Step 1, then you can extract the files directly into the folder referenced in Step 3, and proceed to Step 5.

3.       Go to the folder location: <<Apache Software Foundation>>\Tomcat 6.0\webapps\ITFramework\WEB-INF\classes.

4.       Replace the files and folders in this folder location with the contents of the in Step 2.

5.       Restart the Apache Tomcat Service.