1. Overview

Instant Queue Manager V4 is the leading enterprise grade instant messaging system developed by Instant Technologies.  Queue Manager acts as a IM broker.  When a seeker (A person looking for help) starts a chat with the queue, the queue immediately responds asking for the seekers initial question or comment.  It then informs the seeker that it is locating an expert.  The queue then presents the seeker to the experts.  If one is available they are then able to pick up the seeker and start a conversation.  Laden with features, Queue Manager makes the administration and management of the queue or queues more efficient and effective.
Originally built on a Domino/Lotus Notes/Sametime platform, we have reworked the system to use a framework that is more extensible to other platforms.  We now offer the versatility to adapt our system to meet your organization's needs.

The primary means of interactions with the visitor are the Queue, Interviews, pre-chat questionaires and post chat surveys.  The visitor enters the system either directly into a queue, where they are connected to an expert as quickly as possible, or they get asked a series of questions to help direct them into the proper queue, or they are asked to complete a form to provide some data prior to being connected to an expert.  This data could be used to look up prior contacts, records in a CRM, or other looks as programmed by you.

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