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A. Requirements

Thank you for selecting Instant Technologies’ Instant Queue Manager. This document contains the prerequisites necessary to insure a successful installation Instant Queue Manager and the Instant Agent Framework.

The intended audience for this document is the system administrator or the information technology staff member who will be supporting the application. We assume the reader has a basic administrator level understanding of Lotus Notes and Sametime.


Two servers with the following configurations
Instant Agent Framework -
    CPU - minimum 1.6Ghz Pentium 4 processor,
    RAM - 512 MB,
    Hard Disk – 1GB on the system hard drive
                    1GB available on the installation hard drive,
    Video – SVGA
    Mouse – Microsoft mouse or compatible device
    Network – Internet/Intranet connection.

Domino Server – Refer to Lotus Domino documentation.


The following software needs to be installed on the servers:

Instant Agent Framework Server –
    SUN JDK 1.6 or higher,
    Apache Tomcat 6.0
    Lotus Notes Client version 6.5 or higher (for message logging.)
    Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or higher (for broadcast queues)
    Internet Explorer 6 or higher.
Domino -
    Lotus Domino Server (Needs to have HTTP process running)
    Lotus Sametime Server (Need access to sign into the server as various IM users)
    Lotus Notes Administrator Client (To sign the database templates
    Lotus Notes Designer Client (To enable the scheduled public group support agent)
    Internet Explorer 6 or higher.


The following Lotus Notes accounts will be needed on the Domino Server:
    Instant Queue Manager Account (Recommended: "ITQMV4 Runtime"),
    2 Test entry point accounts. (If not using interviews, only 1 is needed.)
    2 Test expert/user accounts.

Note: The installer will need a Lotus Notes account with sufficient privileges to sign databases and edit Access Control Lists (ACLs).


Before starting the install the following tasks should have been completed:
    Download the 3 Lotus Notes based templates that will be used to create the necessary Queue Manager Configuration databases. These templates will need to be made available to the Domino server hosting the configuration databases.
    Download ITQConnect_(version).zip and extract into an IQMV4 install directory.
    Download ITQLogs_(version).zip and extract into an IQMV4 install directory.
    Download ITQMeasuire_(version).zip and extract into an IQMV4 install directory
    Install Apache on the server hosting the Queue Manager
    Install the Lotus Notes client on the server that has the Apache server and that will hold the Queue Manager server. (If you will be using logging.)
    Confirm that the Lotus Notes id that will be used by the Queue Manager will be able to connect to the Domino Server and has the appropriate rights to the ITQLog database.

Prerequisites Checklist





Server for Instant Queue Manager

Lotus Domino and Sametime server

SOFTWARE on Instant Queue Manager Server

SUN JDK 1.6 installed on Instant Agent Framework server.

Apache Tomcat 6.0 installed on Instant Agent Framework server.

Internet Explorer 6 or higher

IE7 is preferred.

Lotus Notes client (Version 6.5 or higher)

If doing logging.

.NET Framework 3.5 or higher

If using Broadcast Queues.

SOFTWARE on Domino Server

Lotus Sametime Server

Lotus Domino Server

Lotus Notes Administrator client

Lotus Notes Designer Client

Internet Explorer 6 or higher

IE7 is preferred.


Instant Queue Manager Account

Recommend: "ITQMV4 Runtime"

Test Queue Entry Point Userid/pswd

Test Interview Entry Point Userid/pswd

Test Expert/User 1 Userid/pswd

Test Expert/User 2 Userid/pswd

An administrator account on the Domino Server to sign databases and edit Access Control Lists.


Download and decompress ITQConnect_(ver).zip

Download and decompress ITQLogs_(ver).zip

Download and decompress ITQMeasure_(ver).zip

Confirm that the Instant Agent Framework’s Lotus Notes id will connect to the Domino Server.

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