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Sametime 8.0.x plugin

1. Download the plugin.  If you do not have the link to the plugin, please contact Instant Technologies Technical Support.  Save the plugin in a location either on the network or on your local machine.  The file that you downloaded is a .ZIP file.  You will have to expand the file before installing it.

2. Uninstall previous versions of the Plugin.  If you have a previous version of the plugin installed, you will need to uninstall it before proceeding.  If you don't have a version installed, proceed to step 3.

     a. Open the Product Configuration Panel.  The path to it is:  Tools/Plug-Ins/Manage Plugins.
    b. In the list to the right locate the "CannedMessages Feature..." or "Instant Queue V4...", depending on the previous version that was installed.  Then click on the "Uninstall" task in the right hand panel.
    c. Click on "OK" to confirm the uninstall.
    d. Click on "Yes" for the message box notifying you of the need to restart the Sametime Client.
    e. Your Sametime client will now automatically restart.  You are now ready to install the new plug-in.
3. Install the new version of the Sametime Plugin.
    a. Start the plug-in installer by clicking on Tools/Plug-Ins/Install Plugins... 
   b. Click on the "Search for new features to install" radio button, and click on the "Next>" button.
    c. Click on the "Add Folder Location ..." button.
NOTE:  If you are installing this version into an old local site, as you would if you were upgrading to a newer version of the plugin, you may not need to do Steps c and d.
    d. Navigate to the folder where you extracted the plugin files.  It will be the parent level for the "features" and "plugins" subfolders.  In this case it is named "CannedMessagesInstall".  It will be named something different on your system.  Click on "OK".
    e.  In this window you can change the name, if you like, to something more meaningful to you. This is not a required step.
    f. If not already checked, check the checkbox beside the location you just defined in step d.  In this case it is "ST8_IQMV4 1.0.42/CannedMessagesInstall".  Click on the "Finish" button.
    g.  Check the checkbox beside the "ST8_IQMV4 1.0.42/CannedMessagesInstall".  Click on the "Next>" button.
    h.  Read and accept the license agreement.  Click "Next>".
    i.  Click on "Finish" Button.
    j.  Click on the "Yes" button to restart your Sametime client.
    k. You are now ready to configure the plugin.
4. Setup and configuration

    a. Click on the "Preferences" option in the File menu.

    b.  Click on the "Instant IQM V4" line.
    c.  In first field, Enter the server URL used to start Instant Queue Manager.  The database name in your installation is most likely "itqconnect.nsf" not "iqconnect.nsf".
    d.  The second field allows you to pull your login credentials from one of your Sametime communities.  This field is not directly enterable.  You should use the drop down box provided.
    e.  Enable Anonymous access - should be unchecked unless directed by Instant Technologies Technical Support to check it.
    f.  Click on the "Refresh" button.  This will test the connection and prepare the plugin for work.  You will see several message go by in the Results field.  If no error messages appear, you are all set to start working with the plugin.
    g.  Enable CRM Integration - This adds a window to the expert's chat window that displays information collected connected with the conversation.  It also enables the connection between Queue Manager and your CRM.
    h.  To use the Standard Replies functionality (Called "canned responses" in earlier versions.), check the "Enable Standard Replies.." checkbox.
    i.  If you want the standard reply to be sent without the expert having to click send or press the enter key, check the "Automatically send text..." checkbox.
    j.  Tracing is something useful in troubleshooting the plugin.  We suggest initially leaving it on.  After a while you can uncheck this checkbox.
    k.  Click the "Apply" button and,
    l.  You have finished installing and configuring the Sametime 7.5.1 client plugin.
NOTE:  The "Restore Defaults" button will set the preferences back to their "factory defaults", a common starting point.
5. Test the plugin.  To test the plugin you will either need the help of a coworker or two computers with two Sametime user accounts.  The user with the plugin installed will need to be an expert in a queue.  Start a conversation and check out the new features.  If you will be testing the multi-chat capabilities, you will need additional Sametime users to initiate chats with the expert.