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E. Web Chat UI

ITFramework Web Client Deployment Guide

By:        Vivek Garg
Date:    10/11/2010
Rev.:    10/11/2010


AJAX web client is an extension of IQMV4 which allows you to host a Queue on any intranet/extranet portal. It allows users (i.e. your customers) to quickly hit a Queue and get connected with a subject matter expert (Queue member)


Web client is a lightweight JavaScript client which can run off any popular browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Safari or Google Chrome)


Web client module gets installed along with IQMV4 and runs off the Apache Tomcat server.


It typically gets installed in the <<Apache Tomcat Installation Directory>>\Tomcat 6.0\webapps\ITFramework\webclient directory.


Steps to configure web client

All the web client properties are located in properties.js file, it looks like the following screen shot:

In the file following properties need to be defined:

SametimeServerName: This should contain the fully qualified domain name for the Sametime server.

ApacheIPAddress: This should hold the fully qualified domain name for the Apache Server hosting the web client.

SendProperties: Valid values for this setting are: true|false, if the web client is running from a different system (i.e. if Queue is running off different system) then the value should be set to true. If both are running from the same system which is typically the case then the value should be false.

EnableInformationSubmissionFormType: Valid values for this setting are: 0|1. If value is set to “1” then users will be presented with a pre chat survey form.

ITEnableUTF8: Valid values for this setting are: true|false. If you wish to run the web client for different locales (i.e. like French/Spanish) then the value for this setting should be set to true.


Setting up Pre Chat Survey

Web client ships with a sample survey form, the survey form “prechatsurvey.html” is located within the web client directory (<<Apache Tomcat Installation Directory>>\Tomcat 6.0\webapps\ITFramework\webclient). It looks like the following screen shot:


The form can be easily tweaked using any HTML editor. You can brand the form as per your needs and also add/remove survey form fields as per your requirements.


Note: To enable rendering of pre chat survey form ensure that it has been enabled in properties.js file. Value for EnableInformationSubmissionFormType should be set to true in properties.js file