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B. IM Information (Entry Points)

This panel is the panel for defining how Instant Queue Manager will present the queue to the instant messaging engine like Sametime or OCS.  To the IM engine, the queue simply looks like another user.
IMPORTANT: There should only be a single entry point for a queue, and an entry point should only be used for a single queue.
Before an entry point can be added here, it must first be added to the im engine's address book, then added to the Instant Queue Manager Directory located in the ADMIN section (Administration/Directory).
In most cases an entry point has a userid that is very similar to the name of the queue, if not identical.  It is very good practice to give your queues entry points with discriptive userids, because the entry point is what shows up in the contact list for the IM engine for the queue.  Entry points commonly have names like "Help Desk", "HR Benefits", "FastClaim", etc.
 When you click on the IM INFORMATION tab, you are brought to a "list" of entry points.
There are no enterable fields on this form.  To remove an entry point, you need to select it by checking the checkbox beside the name then clicking on the remove button.  To add an entry, you need to click on the Add button just above the list.  You will be presented with a list of all entry points.
To select an entry point for use in your queue, click the radio button to the left of the entry point's user name, then click the ok button.  The selection list will close and you will be returned to the entry point "list".  If there is an old entry point in the list, you will have to remove it.
To remove an entry point, make sure the checkbox beside the name of the entry point to remove is checked, then simply click the remove button.  When the form finishes refreshing, you will be on the entry points list with removed entry point gone.
NOTE:  Having more than one entry point is not a good idea.  We strongly recommend having a single entry point.
HINT:  If you are looking for a different way to disable a queue, simply delete its entry point.  The queue will no longer appear on anybody's contact list, nor will any click to chat sessions be started.  The rest of the definition will remain waiting for a new entry point.
HINT:  Set your entry point as the last step of building a new queue.  This will make sure nobody sees it or tries to work with it until you are ready.
Close - Button - This button closes the queue definition window discarding all the unsaved changes on all the tabs.
Save - Button - This button saves all the changes made in all panels of the queue definition window.
Save & Close - Button - This button saves all the changes made in all panels and closes the queue definition window.  Control is returned to the list of queues.
URL: - Link - Clicking on this link will open a new browser window that will show you the actual XML used to define the entry point.  This data is very useful in troubleshooting why the queue is not behaving the way expected.  The result of clicking on the URL is:
Note that while the URL on the Basic Settings tab shows you all the XML for the queue definition.  The XML on this form is only the entry point definition.  To close this listing and return to the entry point list, simply use the "X" button in the upper right hand corner of the window.
Add - Button - Use this button to add a new entry point to the queue.  It will open the entry point selection list.
Remove - Button - This button will delete any entry point with the checkbox to the left checked.
Refresh - link - If you make a change and it doesn't appear in the entry points list, use this link to force a refresh of the entry point list.