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D. Broadcast

By:    Mark Kleinschmidt
Date:    11/16/2010
Rev.:     11/16/2010
The broadcast tab defines how a queue will handle visitors seeking a connection with an expert.  The options all are directed towards sending notifications to the experts.
To work with the broadcast options, select the queue you want to work on, then click on the "Edit Queue" link.
Timeout value - This value determines how long the queue will wait for an expert to respond to a notification.  After this time is up, the expert will no longer be able to "pick" the visitor by typing "y" in the notification chat window, and the queue will have moved on to send notice to the next expert or group of experts.
NOTE:  The expert will still be able to pick the visitor from the mini-monitoring panel or from the Queue Manager Monitoring Panel.
Remove Operator on last response?  - If the experts are restricted to a maximum number of chats per day for a queue, do you want the queue to automatically disable the expert for the rest of the day once they have reached their limit.
Enable Broadcast alerts for Monitoring Queues - This option is the key option for setting up monitored queues to behave like broadcast queues.  By selecting "Yes", the queue will send
Notify experts if seeker has been waiting for more than __n___ seconds - This parameter gives anybody actually monitoring the queue with the mini-monitoring panel or the Queue Manager monitoring panel a chance to pick the visitor before going into "broadcast" mode.  Before sending the first notification to an expert, the queue will wait n seconds.  For queues to function most closely like broadcast queues, this number should be very small, 1 to 5 seconds.
Queue Routing Type - There are two options to select from:
"Next Operator in List" will step through the list of experts notifying each expert in turn after waiting the time specified in the Timeout Value above.  If you have a large number of experts, it can take quite a while to step through them all.
"All Operators at Once" will notify all the experts at each priority level, if the "Route by Level" option is set to "Yes".  Otherwise, all experts will receive notification at the same time.
Route by Level - Queue Manager allows the administrator to assign up to 3 levels of priority to experts and groups.  If no priorities are assigned, this option has no effect on the operation of the queue.  If the "Ascending" radio button is selected, the queue will start with priority 1 experts.  Once all priority 1 experts have been notified, the queue will then try the Priority 2 experts, and so forth.  If the "Descending" radio button is selected the queue will start with Priority 3 experts, moving to Priority 2 experts, finishing with Priority 1 experts.  To set priorities for experts and groups, please refer to the documentation section "Queues\Experts".
Notify other agents in queue when customer request has been accepted - Once an expert has accepted the invitation, this option tells the queue to send a notice to all the other experts in the queue, that the conversation has been picked up by somebody else.