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F. Standard Replies

By:  Mark Kleinschmidt
Date:    11/24/2010
Rev.:     11/24/2010
Standard Replies allow experts to pre-enter messages that don't change very much and are used frequently.  Instructions to accomplish some task, a greeting, and a request are all examples of the types of messages that make good Standard Replies.  The use of Standard Replies helps an organization present more consistent information and image to visitors/seekers.  Often time Standard Replies help to meet legal and policy requirements where specific wording is often necessary.
1. Before Standard Replies can be added to a queue, they first need to be added to the Standard Replies library in the ADMIN/Settings Section.
2. Before experts will be able to use Standard Replies in their conversations with visitors/seekers, they will have to install the Sametime Plugin to their Sametime Client.
To work with the tab, you must first select a queue to work with either by adding a new queue or selecting an existing one.
Then, to add and remove Standard Replies from the queue, click on the "STANDARD REPLIES" Tab.
After clicking the "STANDARD REPLIES" tab, the user is brought to the Standard Replies list.  This is a listing of all the replies currently attached to the queue.  The values in the columns of the table are set in the "ADMIN/Settings/Standard Replies" page.
Close - Button - This button closes the queue definition window discarding all the unsaved changes on all the tabs.
Save - Button - This button saves all the changes made in all panels of the queue definition window.
Save & Close - Button - This button saves all the changes made in all panels and closes the queue definition window.  Control is returned to the list of queues.
Add - Button - Use this button to add a new Standard Reply to the queue.  Note that the Standard Reply must already exist in the ADMIN Standard Replies library.  You must add it there before being able to add it here.  After clicking the Add button, you will be presented with a list of Standard Replies.
Select the replies you would like to add to the queue, then click on the "OK" Button.  If you don't see the Standard Reply you are looking for, then it probably hasn't been added to the Standard Replies Library.  Click on the "Cancel" button and go to the "ADMIN/Settings/Standard Replies" page to add it.
Remove - Button - To remove a Standard Reply check the check box beside it and click on this button.  You can remove more than one Standard Reply at a time.  Note that the change will not be implemented in the database until you click on either "Save" or "Save & Close".
Refresh - Link - After making changes to the Standard Replies list for the queue, you may need to click on this link to see the changes reflected in the list.
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