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H. Security (Managers)

By:    Mark Kleinschmidt
Date:    11/29/2010
Rev.:     11/29/2010
The Security or Managers tab is where the administrator can define who has manager level access to the queue.  The manager gains access to the Manager Panel in the Instant Queue Manager's Dashboard tab.
Before a manager can be added to a queue as a manager, they first need to be added to the Managers Directory in the ADMIN/Directory page.  The manager also needs a Sametime id with an access level of "Editor" and a user type of "Person" or "Person Group" in the ACL for the itqconnect.nsf database.
To work with the tab, you must first select a queue to work with either by adding a new queue or selecting an existing one.
Then, to add and remove managers the queue, click on the "SECURITY" Tab.
The Managers field will list all the users that have manager level access to the queue.  To add a user to the manager list, they must first be added to the Manager Directory in the ADMIN/Directory section.  The user must also have a Sametime userid with "Editor" and a user type of "Person" or "Person Group" in the ACL for the itqconnect.nsf database.
To add a manager here, click on the "People" icon beside the list box.  This will open the Directory selection list for Managers.
To select a manager or managers, check the checkbox beside each name you want to add.  Click on the "OK" button.  You will be returned to the list with the manager(s) added.
NOTE:  You can simply type the manager's name in the managers list.  However, you must type it exactly as it is in Sametime.  For this reason we strongly encourage you to use the directory selection list.
To remove a manager from the queue's managers list, simply highlight the managers name and delete it.
For the changes to take effect, you must remember to click on either the "Save" or the "Save & Close" buttons at the top of the form.