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Create a Basic Queue

By:    Mark Kleinschmidt
Date:    12/01/2010
Rev.:     12/01/2010
This How To will lead you through the steps of building absolutely the barest minimal queue you can.  You would usually do this after a new installation or upgrade to Instant Queue Manager to make sure all the pieces for a queue are working.
The queue we build here will be used, as much as possible, throughout all the How To documents.  Therefore, take notes and keep the queue around, if possible.  It will be handy for trying out new things.
1. If you have not reviewed the sections for Basic Settings and Experts, you should.  You will have a better understanding of each step presented below.
2. You will need two userids in the Sametime Address Book; an Entry Point and an Experts.
3. You will need the Entry Point added to the Queue Manager's ADMIN/Directory/Entry Points list.
4. You will need the Expert added to the Queue Manager's ADMIN/Directory/Experts list.
5. Your Sametime userid will need administrator level of access in the database's ACL.
NOTE: We assume that at this point Instant Queue Manager has been fully installed and is up and running
Assuming that all prerequisites are in place, let's get started.  First, the parameters/data we will be using:
Queue Name:  "Test Help Desk"
Entry Point: "THD EntryPoint"  (The entry point and the queue name don't have to have the same name though they frequently do.)
Expert: "Will Smith"
 1. Start Instant Queue Manger.  (If you need help, please refer to your System Administrator.)
 2. If necessary, click on the "Queues" tab.
 3. Click on the "New Queue" link.
4. Type in "Test Help Desk" into the Queue Name field.
5. Click on the "Save" button.
6. Click on the "EXPERTS" tab. (We'll come back to the "IM INFORMATION" tab in a moment.)
7. Click on the "Add" Button.
8.  Locate and select the expert you created for this queue.  We used "Will Smith".  Check the checkbox beside his or her name.
 NOTE:  If the Expert you are looking for doesn't show up in the list, it probably wasn't added to the ADMIN/Directory/Experts list.  Save the queue, add the expert to the ADMIN/Directory/Experts list, and try again starting at Step 6.
9.  Click on the "OK" button.  (If you like, you can click on the "Save" button, but it is not required this time.)
10. Click on the "IM INFORMATION".
11. Click on the "Add" button.
12.  Use the page navigation buttons at the bottom of the panel to locate the entry point you want to use.  We are using "TestHelpDesk".  Click the radio button beside the userid and click "OK".
NOTE:  If the Entry Point you are looking for doesn't show up in the list, it probably wasn't added to the ADMIN/Directory/Entry Points list.  Save the queue, add the entry point to the ADMIN/Directory/Entry Points list, and try again starting at Step 10.
13. Click on the "Refresh" to see that the entry point has been added.
14. Click on "Save & Close".
Congratulations!  You have just finished creating the most basic queue.  We will use this queue for other How To... sections to build on it and make it more useful.  But, first, you need to test this queue to make sure it is working properly.  That will be covered in the "Testing a queue" page.
The troubleshooting here is to try to fix some of the common problems new users have with getting queues running.  We are solely focussed on the queue created in this How To.  For more general help please refer to the Troubleshooting section.
Symptom/Problem:  My expert isn't in the experts list to add to the queue.
 The expert hasn't been added to the list in the ADMIN/Directory/Experts section of Queue Manager.
Go to the ADMIN/Directory/Experts list and add the expert.
Repeat the attempt to add the expert to the queue.
Symptom/Problem: My entry point isn't in the entry point list to add to the queue.
The entry point hasn't been added tot he list int he ADMIN/Directory/Entry Points section of Queue Manager.
Go to the ADMIN/Directory/Entry Points list and add the entry point.
Repeat the attempt to add the entry point to the queue.
Symptom/Problem: I added the Entry Point and it doesn't appear in the list.
The queue's entry point list doesn't automatically refresh. 
 Click on the "Refresh" link just above the list on the right hand side of the panel.